We are proud to announce the release the Car Care Products Ultimate Detailers Bag, with 18 handy pockets to hold your favourite detailing goods plus a velcro strap to hold your favourite Polisher this bag will carry everything that you need to carry out a job on your or your mates car.

We have fitted the RUPES LHR21, RUPES LHR15, DAS6/DAS6 Pro, Mint Rotary, RUPES Rotary, Festool Shinex 150 and Flex into this machine and all fit in snug and can be strapped down to avoid any changes of movement or being thrown around whilst carrying or during transport.
Available from Monday 28th! - Online now to purchase for $79.95 here @ Car Care Products


2 Large Pockets for your Polishing Pads - 160 x 90 mm
4 Smaller Pockets for Polishes/Products - 60 x 60 mm
2 Larger Pockets for Polishes/Products/Bottles - 80 x 80 mm
3 Holders for Brushes
1 Holder for a Clay Box, 3" - 7" Pads or Cloths
2 Mesh Compartments located on inner of Lid for Cloths, Clay or similar
4 Outter pockets for cloths or other misc items

1 Velcro Fastener to hold your favourite Polishing Machine

The bag also has 2 Carry Handles, an adjustable shoulder strap with red & black large zipper pulls and red accents!

Dimensions; 45 cm (wide) x 25 cm (deep) x 30 cm (height) - approx measurements.

Approx 33 litres of detailing storage!