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Thread: PLEASE READ - Amayama's Toymods Discount

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    Default PLEASE READ - Amayama's Toymods Discount

    To all Toymods members who have supported Amayama over the years we'd like to give a hugely appreciative thank you! Without your support we would not be at the stage where we are now. This sub-forum has provided much needed and honest reviews from genuine customers as well which Google picks and keeps the ball rolling. Again thank you for your continued support.

    Concerning the Toymods Discount:

    We've offered a very generous discount of 10% to all Toymods members (and later international members) but we're now at the point where we can't sustain it. As most of our stock is supplied directly from Japan, we have had to wear TWO sales tax increases this year, one in March and another coming in August. We are doing our best to absorb any increases but as it stands for our Australian branch (who handles all international sales) we can no longer offer 10%.

    So the new discount will be changed as follows:

    5% discount to long term Australian resident Toymods members, registered before November 2011 when our Sydney branch opened.

    The Toymods discount for non-Australian residents will be abolished.

    We apologise to anyone who is now not eligable for the discount. We can no longer sustain the discounts to a global customer base which is growing by the day, and also those who joined Toymods simply to receive the discount. We ran with that arrangement for as long as possible, so please keep that in mind.

    Once again thanks for your ongoing support.

    The Amayama Team
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    Default Re: PLEASE READ - Amayama's Toymods Discount

    Even though it's bad news, your direct explanation and appreciation of the community more than makes up for it.

    Personally I would still shop Amayama without the discount. The price, service and shipping time makes it the right value, especially with a company with a presence in Aus. I have on occasion found Toyota US prices can be cheaper, but have not found the same reasonable shipping prices and ease of purchase.
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    Default Re: PLEASE READ - Amayama's Toymods Discount

    Won't change my use of Amayama. They are far too useful for stuff I want. It's a niche market and well worth it IMO.

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    Default Re: PLEASE READ - Amayama's Toymods Discount

    I ordered multiple times without even realising there was a discount, damn
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    Default Re: PLEASE READ - Amayama's Toymods Discount

    Quote Originally Posted by Bananaman View Post
    I ordered multiple times without even realising there was a discount, damn
    Same, although I'm all for supporting a dedicated business so even if I remembered the discount when I was ordering I probably wouldn't have put it in.
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