Finally, GYEON has arrived and is available in our Stores in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and of course online for door-to-door shipping!

As part of the launch we will be having a Promotion that has started as of now until midnight Tuesday (AEST) 17/6/14 which includes FREE SHIPPING & FREE Gyeon Wash Mitt(s). For further details of this promotion please click here!

After making news throughout Asia, Europe, UK, South Africa and Russia, and winning 2 prestigious Runner-Up Awards from DW (Detailing World) in their first year – Gyeon has landed in Australia.

The rave reviews on the Gyeon Quartz Coatings first caught our eye, so we explored further. After good testimonials from some of Europe’s best detailers we decided to try out this new brand for ourselves – as you know we do not just take someone else’s word, we thoroughly test every brand and every product we stock and offer! So after months of multiple applications and rigorous trials we decided Gyeon was indeed a Premium Brand and suited our Premium Car Care Range.

The initial line up from Gyeon includes some very interesting products; 2 different paint coatings Prime and MOHS, both very long lasting, glossy and durable for people that want tough protection on their car without frequent reapplication.

Then we have some more innovative protection products, remember you can never have too much protection; If you are looking for something quick CanCoat is the answer a spray on, wipe over coating/sealant that offers crazy gloss, beading and 6 months protection. For maintenance Cure is a spray sealant for coatings that boosts the water beading, shine and adds another 6 weeks protection to your base. And last but not least Wet Coat is a fast after-wash maintenance that you simply spray on and rinse off, complete in under 5 minutes, again adding more gloss, crazy water beading and lasting up to 12 weeks.

There are also specialist coatings for exterior glass to scare water away: View – to revive and coat exterior trim and plastics: Trim – and to coat wheels making cleaning much easier: Rim. And something new to the market is Tire a crazy long lasting dressing for your tyres that actually has some SiO2 coating in there to give it durability.

Perfect for Winter is AntiFog a new coating for the interior glass that inhibits fogging and misting of the windscreen and windows on those cold morning, and this one actually work and lasts months unlike some others.

There are 2 great washes; Bathe pH neutral, great lubricating and nicely rinsing. And Bathe+ which offers similar properties but with some extra SiO2 protection, have you noticed a theme yet? To complement the washes are 2 lambswool wash mitts, Gyeon Mitt is soft and has a nice fabric cuff and Gyeon Woolie has super-long fibres to pull that dirt safely away from the surface. Add in a good Clay and Prep which is a high-tech surface cleaner that prepares surfaces perfectly for the application of…. Protection.

And watch this space the guys at Gyeon are developing more quality products, so the range will be growing as fast as their popularity.