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Thread: Searching issues, best ways to go?

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    Default Searching issues, best ways to go?


    Its fantastic having such a large resource in the technical information threads, but searching at times can be very difficult. I have spent hours looking through trying to find information with no real luck. occasionally a random search allows me to stumble upon threads.

    I have been trying to find info on people who have done ITB setups, but I can't search ITB as the system rejects it. Unfortunately there is not much else I can call it, thats what they are.

    There is other times I have tried to search info on engines and you type in the engine type and the system rejects it as not enough characters. like a Toyota 2L (diesel) motor

    Are there better ways to search for small terms like this, or do I simply have to wade though every page which is tedious and time consuming and almost not possible with the amount on here.

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    Default Re: Searching issues, best ways to go?

    That is the nature of the site, there would be either too many results or the search would take a long time if all 3-letter words are included. Some common ones were put into a database (usually engine prefixes like 1JZ) to allow them to be searched but they are all done manually.

    The best way that has been suggested to get around it is to use Google with set as the site which should give you the results you are after. You will have to sort though the results but at least it will do the search you are after - and add terms together to narrow the results that you want.

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