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Thread: What engine for RZN169 hilux?

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    Default What engine for RZN169 hilux?

    Hello all. I have a 98 hilux with the 3rz-fe motor. I'm pulling about 14-15l per 100 pretty consistently, I'll ask in another thread about this. I'm considering a diesel swap though.

    Which engines should I consider? I'd prefer a mechanical injection turbo diesel of some sort, and it needs to be able to pull in sub 9l/100 on a run. Obviously diesel hiluxes sell for more than they're really worth, even broken a lot of the time, what other vehicles could I look at to find a half decent motor?

    My other truck's an 80 series with the 1hd-ft motor, which has been legendary. I thought idly about finding a dead 1hz to rebuild for the hilux, has anyone ever seen this done?


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    Default Re: What engine for RZN169 hilux?

    1UZ.. Done a few into these with great results.

    But if you're set on a diesel the 1KZ-TE is the way to go but you will also need to change the gearbox from the W series to the R series. Mechanical pump is easy but finding the parts to make it up aint yet once you find them with the engine intercooled you can expect and will get V8 type performance and power. How to get your engine package? Find a dead KZN130 Surf or even KZN165 Hilux and we will go from there.

    Edit I forgot to add that the engine mounting positions are different between the petrol and diesel models. Diff ratios should be the same at 3.72:1
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    Default Re: What engine for RZN169 hilux?

    1hz would be a bit long for the Hilux engine bay wouldn't it? Plus they tend to sell for pretty decent money, even worn out and broken. Diesels aren't exactly cheap to rebuild either, then you have the conversion costs. If you're trying to save money then retrofitting a diesel is going to take fair amount of km to get back your outlay.

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    Default Re: What engine for RZN169 hilux?

    what kind of driving do you do? if its alot of cruising with no load in the back id look at a taller diff.

    just a thought.

    its not all about the motor, i have a 1G turbo celica and thats the most fuel efficent car i have owned. including several new turbo diesels from 2.5L - 4.2L
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