Hi members,

Recently needed to change sway bar end links on my 1998 AE112R-ALPNKQ ALR lift back auto so I decided to change the bushings aswell, so I ordered the whiteline bushings (because I ordered the end links from them aswell) and it was recommended in 16mm so I got 16mm

After recieving the product I pulled the old one off and I noticed the old factory swaybar mount has a 17 written on it. Does this mean the old bar is 17mm and not 16mm? (the 16mm didn't fit, and I got a full refund)

After that, I decided to use a 17mm and 16mm spanner to see if they fit on the sway bar, and the 17mm fits snuggly and 16mm requires more force than I'm willing to use.

I contacted two local Toyota dealers and they think the front is a 25mm, but they are very adamant the rear sway bar is 16mm.

This car has been In the family since new, i have full history and never changed the factory sway bar.

Anyone encountered this?

I don't have callipers to properly check the size. Will be purchasing a set this week.

All help appreciated,

Cheers jf