engine is a jdm 2002 celsior 3uz-fe
car is 96 hilux

So the scanner says p0340 is cam position sensor however if I unplug that sensor, it throws a vvt sensor code (p1345). Ive replaced the vvt sensor bank 1, both bank plugs and check for shorts/continuity all fine. The resistance on the old sensor was very close to the spec limit hence I replaced it. All that seems to have made no difference as the code still comes up. The only thing left is possibly the timing belt and after checking that everything seems fine all the marks line up except all the lines are in the middle of the timing marks except the bank 2 side is on the edge of the timing mark (possibly half a tooth out if thats possible?)

The belt has 1000km on it so I doubt its stretched and I fear if I wind it back a tooth it will be too much in the opposite direction.

The car drives and performs great no issues whatsoever til it gets hot. If I go to start it when its hot such as stalling it in traffic or stopping for fuel. The car will refuse to start unless I have the accelerator half down and then I need to keep the revs up around 2k otherwise it will stall out and after a while of driving it will idle again. Ive checked for vacum leaks and fuel pressure/supply everything is perfect. The only thing coming up on dtc besides the obvious (auto trans removed) is this p0340 code.

Anyone got any advice on where to go from here this is really driving me nuts

Crank pulley

Bank 1

Bank 2