Hey Guys,

We have a small shipment for clear cam gear covers coming in soon from Zaklee suit 16v RWD or FWD.

The price is $105NZD

Shipping to Aus $10NZD

Plastic Injection molded, exactly the same as OEM fitment, use the OEM rubber gasket, comes with steel inserts on the mounting points as per OEM.

Made from Polycarbonate, very strong and resists high temps.

We are in the process of designing up one for the 20v with Zaklee, I will keep all posted on this. Price of this will be a little more around the $130-$140NZD.

Plastic injection mold tools need to be made, trials done to get all the settings right, injection nozzle size etc etc, lots of cost to set this up! im talking around $10k mark+