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Thread: Have you Snow Foamed your car?

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    Have you heard of a Autobrite Snow Foam Lance before?

    The lance attaches directly to your pressure washer gun/handle. Used as a Pre-Wash Tool, it mixes Snow Foam Detergent with the pressurised water flow to create a very thick foam which clings to the vehicle. This softens and lifts the dirt and grit from the vehicles surface, the foam can then be easily removed with a rinse from the pressure washer. This process eliminates the majority of the harmful dirt and grit that can cause swirls on the paintwork during cleaning, making the process much safer.

    Regular car wash shampoos can be used through the Foam Lance also or some All-Purpose-Cleaners can be mixed for a strong pre-wash to remove intense dirt build up and old waxes before a full detail.

    The Snow Foam Lance offers a quality design with a solid brass body, it features a fully adjustable dilution valve to offer different density of foam and variable spray nozzle for controlling the pattern of foam delivered.

    The lance comes complete with a choice of connector, there are 3 currently available to fit: Karcher, Nilfisk/Gerni, Karcher HDS/Pro and M22 Short & Long Fittings.
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