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Thread: Ross Car Show Cruise.

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    Default Ross Car Show Cruise.

    The Classic Celica Club of Tasmania is organising and cruise to the Ross car show on the 19th of May. We will be crusing though Richmond the road up will be a lot more fun than just going up the highway.

    I think a good place to meet would be at the football ground in Geilston Bay as its close for people coming from Glenorchy that way they don't have to back track much and its easy to find. The car show starts at 10:00 am and goes to 2:30 pm. I reckons it takes 90 minutes to get from Geilston Bay through Richmond and to Ross.
    How does a 9am meet up for 915 departure sound and then we will get there at around 11am at the latest?

    Any Toyotas are welcome.

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    Default Re: Ross Car Show Cruise.

    I'll be there! for everyone else checkout the classic car club of Tasmania forum. This cruise is just so that we can all check out cool cars up at Ross so everyone is welcome it will be a fun day.

    Ross Car Show Cruise. | Classic Celica Club of Tasmania

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