We have worked with Fortune Auto to produce a weld on coilover for all you old school rwd guys.

These are for fronts only. Please ask if we have the rear setup for your model.

Applications but not limited to - AE86/85, KE70, AT141 Corona, BMW E21, Datsun 510, MX83.
Basically any car which has the stub attached to the shock like these models above. Cutting of the OEM strut is required then welding the bottom mount on which slips over the OEM strut once cut down.

This gives you a full body adjustable height coilover (not spring perch adjustable where you loose shock travel).

Best thing is they are provided with a 5 YEAR WARRANTY!

500 series $790AUD delivered for a pair of front coilovers with camber plates - These feature 24 way adjustable digressive shock valving, full height adjustable, dyno tested. Any spring rate you require from 4k-18k.
Custom built to order allow 2-3 weeks

These guys are really leading the way in custom valved coilovers which perform on par with high spec Euro brands at half the costs.
You need to ride on these to believe how they feel. The difference between a properly valved coilover to a generic mass produced coilover is like night to day.

More info can be read here: Generation 4 - Fortune Auto North America

Pics of the weld on style will be up soon

Rear setups are available for the following models $1450AUD delivered for a full set F&R: