Hi Guys,

We are now supplying parts from NZKW.
These guys sell alot of these parts to many forms of motorsport. Very good quality items! and very good prices.

Some of the popular parts below.

We can do anything from their website just ask us!


Fuel Cells: http://www.nzkw.com/...Path=104_81_187
5 Gallon $240NZD
10Gallon $290NZD
15Gallon $350NZD
20Gallon $420NZD
Blue or black anodiozed +$40

Fuel Surge Tanks: http://www.nzkw.com/...Path=104_81_159
2L $80NZD
4L $115NZD

Fuel Filters: http://www.nzkw.com/...products_id=497
-6AN or -8AN $20NZD
Blue or Black

AN Fittings: http://www.nzkw.com/...x&cPath=104_140
Basically anything listed on their web site -18%

Bosch Fuel Pump Holders: http://www.nzkw.com/...products_id=627