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Thread: TD06SL2-20G on ST215 Caldina

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    Default TD06SL2-20G on ST215 Caldina

    Hey guys,

    Well, the stock turbo on my Dina crapped itself, and after looking at my options, I decided to replace it with a TD06SL2-20G from Kinugawa. Thought it may interest some of you 3S-GTE people and particularly the Caldina owners.

    Check out the Compressor... It had a bout 3mm play in the shaft. I think the intercooler caught most of the metal
    Stuffed Compressor.JPG

    New turbo and wastegate
    New Stuff.JPG

    Turbo comparison (I have more comparison pics if anyone is interested)
    Turbo Comparison.JPG

    So basically, my car is completely stock (apart from the suspension), so I was looking for something that would work with the stock fuel system etc. but also give room for possible mods and power gains in the future.

    New Turbo - $664 (ebay)
    New turbosmart wastegate - $220 (gumtree)
    Exhaust pipe/bends - $78
    1 turbo flange - $30
    Oil, water lines and fittings - $182
    Loan of Welder - $50
    Total - $1224

    Heat wrap - $64
    Heat reflective tape - $114
    Total - $178

    I forget what else I got, but the whole setup cost just under $1500. Anyway, thought this might help others who are contemplating similar mods.

    The finished product.....

    When I get a chance later I will post the steps for the build plus pics

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    Default Re: TD06SL2-20G on ST215 Caldina

    Be interesting to see if the china turbo lasts mate!


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