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Thread: C160 six speed close ratio gear set

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    Default C160 six speed close ratio gear set

    I need help from forum members on this subject. Specifically, were close ratio gears ever available to fit the C160 tranny case? If so, where can I find them? I've checked e-bay japan to no avail and I don't read Japanese. Any thoughts or info would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: C160 six speed close ratio gear set

    Monkey Wrench Racing have gear sets for the C60 6-speed gearbox which is basically the same internals as the C160 (came on the 1zz/2zz motors instead of 4a)...
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    Default Re: C160 six speed close ratio gear set

    KAAZ does a close ratio set. they are available in aust. I know the importer, so if you are after a gear set let me know & i can check if there are any in the country. not a cheap set though.


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