Introducing Fortune Auto 510 Professional series - For the more series tuner who wants the absolute maximum out of their car

Featuring our new "Ultra" Double Digressive piston with revised shim stacks, this "Ultra" Digressive piston allows for gobs of low speed rebound force that helps with driver inputs such as dive, pitch and roll. Furthermore, the rebound force greatly tapers off to provide the driver with a supple and compliant ride while maintaining superior mechanical grip over rough surfaces. After countless hours on the shock dyno and testing on the track, we are proud to offer these high performance coilovers that rival many high end European shocks that cost several thousand dollars more.

Very popular coilover in the states, people are starting to learn who they are and what they do.
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#ATS Racing USA Home :: ATS Racing has started a partnership with Fortune Auto and is now installing these in their MR2s as they find the performance & ride quality to be up there with leading Euro Brands but for half the cost!.
#Again backed by AMS tuning in USA Home - Atlantic Motorsports

Why buy Fortune Auto Coilovers?
- Fortune Auto Coilovers are the best coilover you can buy in its price range.
- Fortune Auto valve and assemble their coilovers at their factory in the USA.
- Fortune Auto are suspension specialists, this is their full time job! The coilovers are not generic mass produced; they are made to customer’s orders and their needs.
- Custom valving is done to suit your car and your needs, whether it is for comfort, sport, race, drift applications.
- All shocks are dyno tested before being sent to you, they also provide you with the Dyno graph sheet!
- All Fortune coilovers are rebuildable back at their USA facility
- They use a specially designed Digressive 50mm shock piston (case diameter 57mm!), all other coilovers on the market use 44mm pistons! with 50mm cases.

- Comparable performance to KW, JIC etc.


Fortune Auto 510 Professional Series Coilover

Fortune Auto Vs Competitors - Check out the size difference! Another 7mm larger in diameter. All other brands on the market are sized the same as the one on the left to keep their costs down!

DIGRESSIVE* All Fortune Auto shocks use a superior DIGRESSIVE piston. This technology allows for stiff, progressive (linear) damping at low stroke speeds. This helps to control vehicle body motion like roll, dive and squat. However at fast stroke speeds (i.e. high speed bumps) the suspension is kept supple in response to bumps and irregularities in the road.

Check out the Features:
• Digressive 50mm piston mono tube design (57mm case diameter) providing superior shockabsorber performance (all others on the market use 44-45mm pistons and 50mm case diameters - much smaller).
• Custom valving is done to suit your car and your needs, whether it is for comfort, sport, or race applications.
• All shocks are dyno tested before being sent to you, they also provide you with the Dyno graph sheet!
• Amsoil Synethic Shock oil for superior heat dissipation - We use 5w for most street applications and up to 10w for race
• Separate Nitrogen Chamber (floating) pressurized to 100-200psi depending on application and valving - This prevents cavitation in the shock oil
• USA made Shim stacks (5 shims usually used) depends on valving and application.
• Double O-ringed piston housing lids. 2 o-rings are used in case of o ring failures. We also use high performance o rings that are designed to be used with synthetic oil in high temperature environments.
• Floating ball nitrogen refill cap. This allows us to easily rebuild or revalve the coilover. Its also allows one to refill the nitrogen chamber with out taking apart the shock. This design is only found on fortune shocks.
• Compression blow off valve (for berms or rumble strips)
• S45C Chrome Piston Rod
• 30-way adjustable dampers
• Pillowball mounts - Noise Free! will last 50,000km before needing to be replaced
• Forged aluminum locking collars
• Cold Forged aluminium bottom mounts
• Height adjustment independent of preload
• ISO 9002 certification

***Every Fortune Auto coilover is extensively dyno tested and matched with in specifications to insure a consistent and uniform set of coilovers. This rigorous testing has earned their ISO certification.
You will receive with the 510 series shock dyno graphs on all 4 shocks.

Furthermore we incorporate features only found on our coilovers such as Seamless stainless steel monotubes, Forged lower mounts & proprietary nitrogen gas chambers

RRP $1950AUD Toymods members - $1825AUD
Shipping $145AUD anywhere in Australia

Custom Spec Options
1. Your choice of drag, drift, street or track spec valving
2. Your choice of custom spring rates from 6k to 13k
3. Optional Swift Spring upgrade +$350
4. Optional Roller Bearing upgrade +$80
5. **Adjustable camber plates included on MOST front coilover applications with Macpherson Strut suspension systems

We can get these for most makes & models.
Corolla - AE82/92/101/111
MR2 - SW20, AW11
Supra - JZA80
Lexus IS200 (Altezza)
GS300/400/ 430/JZS160L
Mitsi Evos
Nissan S13/14/15
Honda EK, EG, DC2, S2000, Accord.
Subaru Sti, WRX, Legacy
Skyline GTR R32/33/34/35
Mazda RX7 FC/FD
BMW E36, E46, M3
Mini Cooper 02+
Nissan Primera P10
Nissan 350/370Z