Yes thats right we supply Toyota OEM parts at possibly the best prices around!

Just post up what your after, part #s can be found using this website as a reference which makes it alot easier for me to get you a price.

TRD headgasket ~$150NZD
TRD LSD Rebuild kits E series ~$280NZD
TRD rebuilt kit AE86 & G315 ~$410NZD
TRD LSD Rebuilt kit C series ~ $385NZD

Complete water pumps ~$120NZD
Oil Pumps ~$250NZD
4age 16v head bolts $140NZD
20v/16v complete seal kit $280NZD
4age timing belt $55NZD
Cam belt tensioner $60NZD
4agze CV boot kit (Inner CV and outer CV with grease and ties) $90NZD
Blacktop Harmonic balancer $320NZD
Blacktop VVT pulley $460NZD
4agze 8.9:1 pistons with Rings $650NZD

Prices subject to change slightly, depends on when I quote you as Toyota change their pricing quite often.

All prices in NZD + shipping.
Conversion to AUD is approx $0.80AUD to $1.00NZD (80% of the price listed here)

Shipping ranges from $7NZD for small items such as a timing belt to $20NZD for larger items such as a set of pistons.