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Thread: Help with ra40 18rg

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    Default Help with ra40 18rg

    Hello all, new to this. Based in Adelaide. Looking for some technical help with my car. I have a ra40 with an early 18rg engine and a spare modified engine. Would like to make a track car, and need info on brake upgrade and diff conversion. Has anyone got any parts available, and possibly time to point me in right direction. Cheers

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    Default Re: Help with ra40 18rg

    There is plenty of help and info here on Toymods

    Have alook through this thread and use your search for other tech tips.
    Rgds, Willofan
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    First step is to find out what class you will race in, and what restrictions you must abide by for that class.

    The stock suspension/brakes in the RA40 are near identical to the RA23/28, save for the diff being a bit wider on the RA40, and the fitment of the rear springs, shocks and panhard rod being different. This makes researching upgrades a lot easier for you. I would suggest finding an F series diff in the correct width which is still 4 stud, as this is a great upgrade diff, lots of parts and LSD's available, as well as the easy to install RT142 Corona Avante rear disk brakes (from a non-IRS vehicle). F series diffs were the GT option for the RA40, so it should also fit in with all class restrictions (the disk brakes may also have been a GT item, but you will have to research to make sure). For donor diffs, check out Brett_Celicacoupe's 1G-GTE into RA40 forum member's ride thread. R31 skyline rear disk brakes are also able to be installed as another option.

    Front brakes, you can look at the Hopper's Stoppers kit for massive disks, there's the hilux/pug/rona conversion, or you can have a look at the work I have done to date on my Lancer Evo brake conversion (link in signature). I haven't done any work on them lately as I am getting paint finished, but once that is done, I'll get back into the brakes full swing so I can get my suspension back together and drop the motor in.

    With the motor, there is a lot which can be done with these engines. I would suggest some super high compression pistons (have seen 12.5:1, can get higher if you desire, check out Arias pistons), some high RPM cams (Kelford cams in NZ, Tighe cams in Brisbane, probably a few other options too), micro adjustable cam sprockets (Kameari make these), stainless valves and bronze guides (Stewart Wilkins Motorsport), and ARP fasteners all throughout. There is plenty of info on these forums if you haunt them.

    Other suspension parts you will want are available through a number of suppliers. Haunt the likes of Otomoto (forum sponsors), Sleeka Spares in Pooraka, SA (Dave is a great bloke to deal with), TechnoToyTuning in the states and Whiteline suppliers. You can get adjustable front and rear swaybars, camber adjusters, coilover kits etc. AE86 coilover kits will be the most economical way to go, and don't take much to make them fit the RA's. Main things to be concerned with is the strut hat bolt spacing (get them re-drilled to suit) and the front wheel bearing inner size. You may need AE86 hubs, but this allows you to use the RX7 calliper brake upgrade which is available for the AE86.

    Plenty available, just look for stuff which fits RA23, RA28 and AE86, remembering that the AE86 steering components won't fit, and the only RA2x steering item which won't fit is the idler arm, which is a good thing for you as you can still buy an RA40 idler arm new.
    Cheers, Owen
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