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Thread: scrap the 18rg, here comes 1JZ, but how

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    Default Re: scrap the 18rg, here comes 1JZ, but how

    that firewall and tranny tunnel looks great

    you sure there wont be any issues with the engine hitting the firewall when its twisting under its mass torque?

    i reckon you should start a members ride thread for that car if you havent already

    +rep 4 u

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    Default Re: scrap the 18rg, here comes 1JZ, but how

    There is about an inch or so around the engine in the notched out area so if the engine was to touch, the engine would be moving around too much in the first place. Noltec make commodore mounts that use nolathane instead of the rubber so that would stiffen it up more plus I was going to use a snubber or brace to stop large amounts of movement anyway.
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    Default Re: scrap the 18rg, here comes 1JZ, but how

    Must have been 5 years ago was going to install a 1JZGE (non turbo) into my RA23.

    I was using a W58 with custom adapter plate to the 1JZ and using the RA23 crossmember the engine sat in there with what I think was the mid sump 1JZ configuration. It all seemed to sit there without the firewall mod, and i think I had planned to mount the fans in front of the radiator.

    18 months later I decided going to the 3SGTE due to weight/handling considerations and staying with the original 4 cylinder 2L configuration. I got a TA23 cross member for this but recently I started thinking the rack and pinion conversion might be the go using the AE86 crossmember.

    Maybe the RA23 or AE86 crossmembers should be considered.

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    Talking Re: scrap the 18rg, here comes 1JZ, but how

    Good luck mate sounds awesome. I am in the process of putting a twin turbo 1UZFE R154and hilux diff into a 1976 RA23 Should be interesting i am hoping for the 300rwkw to. If anyone in NZ is reading this and has any RA23 or TA23 parts for sale please e mail me.

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    Default Re: scrap the 18rg, here comes 1JZ, but how

    i was the previous owner of this car, and i find it very fustrating you saying the car was "hacked and raped"

    first of all
    i spent a 1000$ plus passing this through the pits before the sale ,sending all receipts to you, which i didnt have to do considering a yellow sticker wouldnt matter as u would have to pass it through the pits anyway, but i did

    the car had no rust/dents/scratches what so ever, and every part i replaced was new, and i never had any major problems with the car

    also you knew there was no complaince nor did you ask about it, plus u only asked for a receipt once u tried to pass it over the pits and found out you couldnt, and when u asked for a recepit for proof of purchase, i quickly sent you one asap for your conveince

    not sure what you are trying to say, but i was completely honest about this purchase and spent alot of money just weeks prior to the sale

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    Default Re: scrap the 18rg, here comes 1JZ, but how

    dude there is two sides to a story, in your eyes you thought u worked hard and spent alot of money on it,

    but in his eyes he thought it was hacked and raped maybe not by you, maybe he has stripped the paint back and it is a bare shell now,

    i personaly dont know,

    good luck with your 1JZ conversion and denZiel good luck with any future projects
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    Default Re: scrap the 18rg, here comes 1JZ, but how

    Wooohh, ease up turbo!!!

    I don't like to write and bitch, but...... i'm going to.

    1 - i was never aware of the fact that it had no compliance plate and when i asked you about it you played dumb saying you never realised it didn't have one.

    2 - i said several times before the car was sent that i needed a receipt for proof of purchase or else it cannot be registered in QLD but still didn't get it until after i got the car
    (in fact i'm pretty sure it wouldn't matter where it was going - you still need a receipt!!!!)

    3 - about 6 weeks after i finally got it on the road (it took over 6 weeks to get the compliance bs sorted) the motor went. Upon pulling it a part we found it spun a bearing (that was severely worn) cracked the crank and cracked a piston. IT was because it had been run low on oil for and extensive preiod of time (and yes it had oil in it to a safe point always in my posession) Please note i'm not saying this is your doing but just the way it was!

    4 - the battery was cracked and leaking battery acid into the engine bay (cos that's great for the paint and steel)

    5 - i'm not saying that you that hacked and raped it as i know it's basically how you purchased it - just a mere observation. (whoever spent time and money on the car wasn't interested in originality)

    6 - when i first inquired about the car i said not to worry about doing stuff to get it past the pits as i would have to go over the pits again anyway BUT you did anyway.

    7 - The clutch was so stuffed that i couldn't even chirp 1st gear, cruising in 3rd or 4th it would slip badly making going up a hill a real chore. (this is part of the reason that i know i had very littly to do with the big end as i could never put any load on the motor in first place)

    All things said and done i've still got the car, i'm piecing a couple of motors together to sell one good solid motor. Whilst things could have gone better with the car it just matches in perfect with how everything else went for me last year. i am still happy with the fact that i have a straight clean ra28 and will hopefully be shredding tyres late in the year.

    If i wasn't happy at all you would have gotten some pretty angry phone calls at least.

    Like i said, i don't like to bitch but now i've had my say. PM for anything further please.


    P.S. The conversion will be starting very very soon. My tax cheque should be here in about 4 weeks. I have sourced a 1jzgtte for $1000 complete (no ecu etc) Microtech ecu for about $1000, still not sure on what gearbox yet, have NOS, cooler and exhaust ppls lined up ready to inspect. I know still alot to go but the ball is just about to start rolling.

    When i pick up the 1jz i'll start a new thread somewhere, somehow.

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    Default Re: scrap the 18rg, here comes 1JZ, but how

    Yes, i to remember that red ra28, looked mean, but had been balls to the bitter end!

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    Default Re: scrap the 18rg, here comes 1JZ, but how

    hi all,
    ive done the conversion you speak of.
    there are heaps of little bits and peices you discover as you go allong but here are the main points of what i did.
    used a 1jz with a mid sump.
    bought a bell housing for a 1jz to w5* kit from dellow auto in sydney.
    modded the bellhousing/ sump to fit a landcruzer slave cylinder ( much bigger bore than the one supplied, clutch master cylinder blew every 8 weeks with the original dellow slave )
    used an ra23/ 18rc crossmember, cut the mounts off and seam welded it. lowered the crossmember by 15mm to get the engine sitting lower. youll need to fit roll center correctors if you do this. slotted the steering box holes and the idler arm holes to drop them by about 10mm.
    used a w55 box, slight massaging of the trans tunnel required but not much.
    made extentions for the rear gear box mount, two peices of 20 x 3 steel bent to shape and welded to floor ( too easy ) then used the original w55 rear rubber mount bolted to the original gearbox cross member.
    drive shaft shortened.
    sump ( metal pan ) required modding to clear steering.
    removed "low oil sencer " from sump. had to to clear steering.
    radiator is 3 core and still in stock location, thermo fan in front of radiator. intercooler ( stock at the mo ) is on an angle and in front of thermo fan.
    made mounts for cross member, cant remember what rubber mounts we used, something toyota.....
    stock shape sway bar.
    umm..... thats about all the major stuff that i can think off.
    im going to be putting the motor into my RA28 latter this year so ill do a write up on that as i go.
    if you need any more/ detailed info pm me.
    hope this helps,

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    Default Re: scrap the 18rg, here comes 1JZ, but how

    I'm thinking of going downs the 1JZ path myself and using the VVTI engine putting it into MY RA40

    i'm going to be using the w58 gearbox

    is there much difference between the RA40 and the older RA TA ?
    i have a spare Cross-member out of a RA40 that i wreaked will this do for the conversion ?
    do i really need R&P steering another thing that will do my head in geometry wise ?
    does the steering box need to be moved down if i'm to use the VVTI engine ?

    cheers blanky
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