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Thread: SW20 Complete Suspension Kit - Part Numbers?

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    Default SW20 Complete Suspension Kit - Part Numbers?

    Hi All,

    Since i dont have my EPC installed anymore im kind of at a stuck point finding all the bits I need to do a complete rebuild of my SW20 Suspension.

    Im chasing Toyota part numbers on

    - Complete bushing replacement kit (inc tie rod ends + sway bar bushings)

    (..and anything im missing here in replacing suspension parts. i already changed my shocks and springs to koni's + kings about 7000km ago, now i just need to do everything else to the suspension).

    - Ball Joints / CV Joints or whatever theyre called in the SW20

    (i can hear them crack when i go down a ramp and over a bump when weight is on the front end of the car. i wonder, do these have steering bushes/steering rack joints that need replacing too in a non-power steering MR2?)

    any help appreciated!


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    Default Re: SW20 Complete Suspension Kit - Part Numbers?

    I'm on the same boat here!

    but i've got a 1991 MR2 so the bits are slight different due to the control arms etc.

    Btw how does a non ps mr2 feel? how quick is the response on the rack?

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