As we are now a member club of the CMC, we get invited to CMC events and any other event hosted by any other club that's also a member of the CMC.

Of course, this means that some events... say the EH Holden Club cruise... may prefer to keep their cruise for only EH Holdens.. but there are a lot of generic cruises for any historic vehicle, and we're automatically invited.

As we receive cruise information for Historic cars from the CMC, I'll put them here. Here is one that looks interesting. It allows you to take your car, at speed, around the Bathurst race track, next Easter.

This is the same weekend as the Toyota Nationals, which may cause a conflict - especially for those who have historic vehicles.

Hi folks,
Attached are the details from one of our member clubs, Festival of Sporting Cars or FoSC, regarding events at Mt Panorama Bathurst next Easter.
Now many of you may not be interested in Motorsport so please accept my apology for including you but I have no way of separating you at the moment.
For those of you who are interested please look to the second event which will be held on Easter Monday and Tuesday.
Regularity under the CAMS rules allows groups of cars to go quickly on a race track but not race one another. It is all based on consistent lap times.
The rules also allow the cars to compete in basically road going form without the need for rollover bars and such like. They must be road registered. (HCRS is OK).
There are requirements for safety, however they do not involve difficult and unacceptable alterations to cars. Secondary bonnet hold downs and a fire extinguisher etc.
Drivers require a CAMS L2S license which costs around $100 per year and does not involve passing tests which are applicable for a full on racing license.
FoSC will require some evidence of your driving experience and you will have to take part in the Monday morning training sessions.

So if your members have always dreamed of driving that icon circuit at speed in their classic car then this is the most accessible and reasonably priced
event at Mt Panorama. You and your members can get together a team of four to six drivers (you can share cars if needs be) and get hours of driving that fabulous circuit over two days. The expression of interest is on the FoSC website and I understand that places are filling fast since this information went out yesterday.

I hope you find these details useful and interesting. I hope to see many of you at the CMC AGM on Monday November 30th.



PS: Not sure if you want Historic cruises in the Historic section on these forums, or want them in the general cruise section? Just let me know and I can relocate this threads.