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Thread: alternator + brushes help

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    Default alternator + brushes help

    so i'm in the process of trying to replace the brushes in my 1986 hiace van. engine is the 3Y 2l automatic.

    my troubles come in now that i have the alternator apart. i've pulled off the part that holds the brushes. but i can't get them to come out. they appeared to be soldered in on the back (green circle) to the fins. but holding my soldering iron on there does nothing.

    those fins are also glued in on there. as you can see i've tried to pry it off.

    any opinions on what i should be doing. am i going to have to go down to the nearest toyota place and order a whole new plastic bit that holds the brushes in. whats the point in them selling them if you have to replace the whole thing?

    the brushes that i got are just a small block of metal (carbon i think actually) with a copper wire on the end of it with a spring.

    any idea's?

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    Default Re: alternator + brushes help

    the cooper braid attached the the copper/carbon brushes all act as realyl good heatsinks.
    you need a more powerful soldering iron

    or take it to a sparky to swap them over (or buy a $5 high powered disposable iron)
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    Default Re: alternator + brushes help

    Clean the gunk off the solder too (the bits you circled). You will get better heat penetration from your soldering iron.

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