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Thread: Leaking Valve Cover on KE70

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    Default Leaking Valve Cover on KE70

    I was wondering why my Corolla KE70's 4K's engine oil
    level seemed to be going down much faster than usual.

    Just now, I spotted wet oil oozing out from the rear
    part of the engine, or valve, rubber cover. This rubber
    had been replaced by the mechanic recently when he
    adjusted my tappets.

    The oil was leaking on the right side of the rubber, at
    the lower part of the 4K's inclination, i.e. the manifolds

    Strange, I thought these rubber covers were designed to
    seal without gasket sealers. The bolts seemed tight enough.

    Anyway, I guess I will have to apply some Permatex on
    the rubber. Which do I use, which won't stick on to the
    cyliner head perimeter and can be removed easily along
    with the rubber next time ?

    Might it be the grey type ?

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    Default Re: Leaking Valve Cover on KE70

    Yep, Ultra Grey will be the one you want, it's always handy to have around (and I've seen it recommended for valve cover/cam cover gaskets elsewhere)

    Make sure the cover bolts are tightened down firm too (not too much, or you'll split the cap), and any washers are also intact.

    If that doesn't stop it, then possibly the cover or head is warped/dinged slightly (maybe from someone trying to lever a stuck cover off, I've seen it done)
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    Default Re: Leaking Valve Cover on KE70

    only the thinnest smear of silicon is needed.

    of course there will still be a little bit of oil that pools up just inside the seal, and one reason it leaks is because the inside of the engine gets pressurised, either by rings having too much blowby, or the PCV valve and breather being blocked.
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    Default Re: Leaking Valve Cover on KE70

    Thanks for the info, Hiro and Oldcorollas.

    Will go get some Ultragrey. Will check the valve cover too.
    I've tightened it down a bit, and the leak seems to have
    been reduced. I've replaced the two capping washers and
    their rubber seals too, the previous ones didn't seem thick

    Yes, my piston rings are worn, long overdue to be changed.
    The PCV valve was blocked recently too, a spray of Philips
    contact cleaner and silicon lubricant cleared it. I have
    a spare one and will replace it if it gets gummed up again.

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