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Thread: EMS to 1jz/mx83 tacho

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    Default EMS to 1jz/mx83 tacho

    I`ve searched high and low for this information but can`t find anything helpful.

    I have a mx83 with a 1jz and EMS stinger 4244... my tacho doesn`t work and I would like to sort it out. As far as i know I have to configure an aux output on the stinger to create a tacho signal, then have it converted to 12v to suit the cressida tacho ???

    am i on the right track?

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    Default Re: EMS to 1jz/mx83 tacho

    Easy way?
    make a circuit like this

    but add 4 more inputs into it, each from the neg of each coil.

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    Default Re: EMS to 1jz/mx83 tacho

    MSD tacho adapters work great on the cressidas. Part number is 8920.
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    Default Re: EMS to 1jz/mx83 tacho

    curtis, call me tomorrow and i should be able to sort it out for you.

    the tach signal is on the EMS ignitor but needs to be converted to a different signal.

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    Default Re: EMS to 1jz/mx83 tacho

    Mine uses some form of custom made "tacho signal converter". Its the size of a gold nugget though sadly, and the circuit is covered in epoxy It wouldn't be so bad if it was a bit smaller and lighter

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