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    Default Duplicate - please delete - relocated in tech section

    Hey guys, yes i know this has been covered many a time, and ive read everything there is to read on the forums about it, but still no prevail.
    The guy putting my diff together has told me that the adjusters on the bearings are wound all the way 1 way (just like pure insanity and mwp) and requires a spacer (i had to tell him that yes it could be done because people in perth are deadshits)
    So basically im stuck.
    I need a spacer made up and the guy building it wants 150! i said fark no.
    So prevailing, has anyone else found other ways around this,
    or does anyone know of a good machinist (dont care if its eastern states) that can make me one up, and does someone want beer money to get it done and send it over?
    Maybe even someone that already has the measurements of a previous spacer?
    I will be calling around again monday to see what places want for it, But what would everyone reccommend to get the spacer made from!?
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