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Thread: 3RZFE engine to replace 22R engine in 95 model hilux ute

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    Smile 3RZFE engine to replace 22R engine in 95 model hilux ute

    Hi there to all, i am new to the forum so please dont be to harsh on me if i bring up an old topic again.
    I have looked quite a bit, but with no luck have not found any info to help me know if anyone has taken out there old 22R carby crap donk and given there ute a breath of fresh air with a 2.7ltr 3RZ FE engine.
    I would like to know if it bolts in with any troubles, and will gearboxes match up ok.
    Once i get over the install hurdle, i am going to turbo charge it anyway, BUT i have to get it in there first the fun can begin later.
    Please if anyone knows something or someone that can help any info would be greatly appreciated.



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    Default Re: 3RZFE engine to replace 22R engine in 95 model hilux ute

    what gearbox has it currently got? if it has a G5x or W56 then your in luck. i have a bellhousing to match a 3RZ up to one of these gearboxes. PM me if your interested - i also have other various parts.

    you might need to fabricate custom mounts

    youll also need to consider wiring, EFI fuel pump, and little things like that

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