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Thread: how to boost power to starter

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    Default how to boost power to starter

    I have wanted to post this up for quite some time,

    does your car go click click click when u turn the key, but you know the starter is fine.
    all those people out there who changed their starter motors and spend hard earned $$$ only to find out that the starter was fine in the 1st place. this is mainly required for older cars where the wiring and clips are starting to become brittle.

    this is the relay required (standard horn relay [SPST], 30A, get it from Jaycar or Supercheap or similar)

    you will need to locate the start wire on the engine harness, normally located near the starter or on the starter it self.

    here is what you have to connect to where.

    87 - positive terminal on battery (MUST BE FUSED @ 30-40A)
    86 - negative terminal on battery (or chassis earth)
    30 - wiring harness (right plug in bottom pic - power out to starter motor)
    85 - to starter / wire (left plug in bottom pic - power from key barrel)

    it is quite a simple fix, you can either use crimp plugs or solder the wires on. your choice, depends on how fussy you are.

    hope this helps.



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    Default Re: how to boost power to starter

    So you are fixing up the wires going to the solenoid?

    Also try adding a better earth to the engine, nice thick battery cable with some big crimp connectors. I bolted mine between the starter body and the chassis and it worked wonders.

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    Default Re: how to boost power to starter

    I've fixed up a couple of minor errors, and cleared up a few vaigue points......

    # you should not use # 30 to connect to battery, cos if you have a 5-pin relay like pictured above, the middle pin is LIVE when the relay is not activated
    # wire to the battery MUST be fused @ 30A or so.
    ...... butt scratcher?!

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    Default Re: how to boost power to starter

    Feel free to edit this as relevant.

    Firstly, while I agree that in Warrior's situation, you shouldn't connect the power to #30, I would recommmend not using a 5 pin relay in the first place, & certainly not a crossover relay like used here.

    You can buy 5 pin relays where 87 & 87a are connected together, but again, you end up with a live pin when the relay is switched.
    So ultimately, buy a 4 pin relay & then you'll have no dramas & then you should connect battery power to #30.

    Connections to #85 & #86 are interchangeable with each other if need be.

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