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Thread: 2008 Toymods Board Nominations - Nominations CLOSED

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    Default 2008 Toymods Board Nominations - Nominations CLOSED

    This is the official thread which announces all nominations for Toymods Board positions for 2008 received by the Secretary.

    It will also reproduce the statement that each nominee is required to submit as to why they should be selected for the position.

    Any general questions can be emailed or PM'ed to the Secretary. Any questions relating to a specific postion, and what it entails, that you may be interested in running for can be directed to the current board member in that position.

    Generally you will be required to attend most Board meetings as well as the monthly meetings and be available to attend Official events to assist. Each position has it's own unique demands above that.

    Voting for the board positions will be held at the AGM on the Monday 18th of Feburary 2008. All nominees must be Financial members for the 2008 year. All People wishing to vote will also be required to be Financial members for the 2008 year. Kirsty will be set up to take renewals on the night.

    AGM Packs will be mailed shortly and (assuming that we have your current mailing details) you will receive Voting, Nomination forms and information for the AGM. Nominations will close before the meeting and all nominations must be recieved and acknowledged by the Secretary no later than the 11th of Feb.

    Nominations received and acknowledged by Secretary.


    1. Joshua Bartlett (Joshstix) Member No. 66

    Quote Originally Posted by Josh
    I look forward to working to improve the attendance and growth of the Toymods Car Club in 2008 as president. There are many area I intend to focus on including:
    1) Improving our web presence
    2) Increasing attendance to events
    3) Growing our relationship with Toyota Australia


    1. Rodney Try (Thetoyman75) Member No. 25

    Quote Originally Posted by Rodney
    As one of Toymods longest standing members I would appreciate the chance to continue my role as Vice President. I look forward to helping shape Toymods future for another year.


    1. Shane Smith ( River ) Member No. 273

    Quote Originally Posted by Old Man River
    I, River, would like to apply for the position of Toymods treasurer. I have been Treasurer last year and feel I have helped with the financial of this great club. As the club gets stronger, I would like to be an active contributor to it's success.
    1. Simon Hall ( Lambolica ) Member No. 194

    Quote Originally Posted by Simon
    I very much enjoyed being a part of the Board for the last term and would like the chance to further develop and reinforce some of the changes introduced to the position last year, and introduce further improvements this year

    Membership Secretary:

    1. Kirsty Shilling ( Kirsty2520 ) Member No. 149

    Quote Originally Posted by Kirsty
    I Kirsty Shilling would like to continue the work I am doing for the Car Club as membership secretary for the 2008 period. I believe I have bought a few new ideas and outlooks to the way the club is run and would like the opportunity to continue to do so.

    Social Secretary:

    1. No Nomination Received

    Cruise Secretary:

    1. Luke Still (The Stitt) Member No.160

    Quote Originally Posted by The Stitt
    I would like to continue my long involvement with Toymods. I would like to continue being gay and the cruise dude.
    This may or may not have been edited by River.

    I.T. Co-ordinator:

    1. No Nomination received

    Special Events Coordinator:

    1. Dav Hoban ( DavGT4 ) Member No. 192

    Quote Originally Posted by Dav
    The opportunity to continue in the role of Special Events Co-ordinator is a welcome one. It's always rewarding seeingthe events like ToyotaFest grow over the years with the support of the Toymods Community

    Ordinary Committe Member (2 positions):

    1. Ben Parrot (LO01UX) Member Number 400

    Quote Originally Posted by Ben
    I Benjamin Parrot, accept the nomination for an ordinary member position on the board. If I get voted in I think that as being the youngest member on the board I can help provide input when it comes to cruises and events to help out the younger members ie. still on P-Plates to make them more friendly for them driving wise as I am still a P-Plater myself ie restrictions etc.
    Thank You
    2. No Nomination Received

    Nominations for board positions have now Closed

    ************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** ********
    Simon Hall
    Toymods Club Secretary.
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    Default Re: 2008 Toymods Board Nominations - Nominations CLOSED

    Nominations for board positions for 2008 have now CLOSED.

    There are several positions that have received no nominations. In this case Nominations will be accepted on the night for Financial club Members in attendance.

    In the case of to Nominations for the same position a Secret Ballot will be held. The Positions for Nomination are as Follows:

    Social Secretary:
    I.T. Co-ordinator:
    Ordinary Committe Member (1 Position only)

    If you feel that you can be a part of the Board in any of the listed positions you can nominate yourself on the night when nominations are called.

    Simon Hall
    Toymods Car Club Secretary
    Beige.... The new Black!!!

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