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Thread: 7M-GE idle control valve?

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    Default 7M-GE idle control valve?

    OK, basically what's happened is that I've gone to my local servo to put fuel in my car, I switched it off came back to it there was no electrics what so ever, strange enough. I turned the key a couple times, got out of the car, lifted the bonnet fidled around with the leads to make sure there was a proper connection at the battery. Strangely enough I open the door again this time it sets the alarm off I disarmed it, this time the car starts, but it won't idle, it'll run fine if I keep my foot on the throttle just not if I let my foot off the accelerator.

    Anyway, my brother, and I were out working on it just before, he disconnected the idle control sensor, and it seemed to idle fine, but at about 1800rpm, put it back on, and the issue remains the same in that it doesn't idle at all.

    Have I shorted something out, or Is it just the idle control sensor?

    I know these can be a bit of a problem on 1G's, but I'm not really that adept with 7M's being my first 7M powered car.
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    Default Re: 7M-GE idle control valve?

    Sounds unusual, maybe one of the wires on the iscv plug are shorting out somewhere? whats the condition of the plug?

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    Default Re: 7M-GE idle control valve?

    If you've got access to a multimeter, you could do a couple of tests on the ISCV circuit, firstly testing the resistance of the coils in the ISCV,

    Also worth checking there is 12v at the B1 and B2 terminals on the ISCV plug with the key on.

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