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Thread: Toyota Engine Codes Explained

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    Default Toyota Engine Codes Explained

    Toyota engine codes are split into two sections, the bit before the dash, and the bit after it (eg: 2JZ-GTE).

    Before the dash.
    The letters signify the "family" or "series" of the engine. The numbers signify the revision of that engine within its series, usually an alteration in the bore/stroke.
    Higher numbers don't necessarily mean a larger block. For example, the twin turbo engines in modern Supras are the 1JZ-GTE and 2JZ-GTE. The 1JZ is a 2.5L engine, while the 2JZ is a 3.0L. Both are inline sixes.

    After the dash.
    The letters after the dash indicate the specific features of the engine.

    G - Wide angle Twin Cam head, independantly geared camshafts
    F - Narrow angle Twin Cam head, common geared camshafts
    T - Turbocharged
    Z - Supercharged
    E - Electronic Fuel Injection system
    U - Emission controls (Japanese)
    C - Emission controls (Californian)
    L - transversely mounted
    S - direct injection (eg. new generation 2JZ-FSE)

    NOTE: There has been much conjecture over the definition of the G vs F cylinder heads - many saying the G head is the "sports" head defined by its wide valve angle, versus the "economy" F head with its narrow valve angle. With the more modern Toyota engines, such as the 3UZ-FE or 2JZ-FSE, it's pretty clear that the F doesn't really denote an "economy" head design....
    ....but rather the F indicates that the two camshafts driven from the one common gear on the timing belt/chain, whereas the G indicates that each camshaft has its own independant gear driven by the timing belt/chain.

    Sample Engines And Their Codes
    These are a few engines that can be found in our members' cars.
    4A-GE: .................1.6L DOHC EFI 16V inline four cylinder
    4A-GE (20 Valve): ..1.6L DOHC EFI 20V inline four cylinder
    4A-GZE: ...............1.6L DOHC EFI 16V supercharged inline four cylinder
    7A-FE:..................1.8L DOHC EFI 16V inline four cylinder
    1G-GTE:................2.0L DOHC EFI 24V intercooled twin turbo inline six cylinder
    1G-GZE:................2.0L DOHC EFI 24V supercharged inline six cylinder
    4K-C:....................1.3L OHV Carby 8V inline four cylinder
    5M-E:....................2.8L SOHC EFI 12V inline six cylinder
    7M-GTE:................3.0L DOHC EFI 24V turbocharged inline six cylinder
    18R-C:...................2.0L SOHC Carby 8V inline four cylinder
    18R-GEU:..............2.0L DOHC EFI 8V inline four cylinder
    3S-GE / 3S-FE: ....2.0L DOHC EFI 16V inline four cylinder
    3S-GTE: ...............2.0L DOHC EFI 16V turbocharged inline four cylinder
    2T-G: ...................1.6L DOHC 8V inline four cylinder
    1UZ-FE: ...............4.0L 4CAM (cos there are 2 heads) 32V V8

    Article by:
    Peter Luong

    You may see "bastardisations" of these engine codes when people have developed a hybrid engine or added features such as turbochargers that weren't originally there.
    Some common examples:
    4A-GTE: a 4A-GE with a turbocharger fitted
    7A-GZE: a 7A block, 4A-GE head and a supercharger
    1UZ-FTE: a 1UZ with turbocharger(s) fitted
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    Default Re: Toyota Engine Codes Explained

    Here is some more info courtesy of "twentyeight"....

    ... there are some doubts about the TRUE definitions of the "C" and "U" suffixes, but no one has ever been able to confirm or deny any given definition.

    1. The first numeric characters specify the engine block's generation
    2. The next one or two letters specify the engine family
    3. The suffix (separated by a dash) specifies the features of the engine:
    B Twin SU-style side-draft carburetors
    C California-spec emissions
    D Twin Downdraft carburetors
    E Electronic Fuel injection
    F Economy narrow-angle DOHC
    G Performance wide-angle DOHC
    H High compression like 9.8:1 (example: 5E-FHE) or High pressure charged (example: 2L-THE)
    i Single-point fuel injection
    J Unknown meaning (example: 2Y-J Low rpm type?)
    L Transverse
    P Unknown meaning (example: 3RZ-FP)
    R Air injection
    S Swirl intake (1980s)
    SE Direct injection (1990s)
    T Turbocharged
    U With Catalytic converter Japan-spec emissions
    X Atkinson cycle
    Z Supercharged
    P LPG fuel
    N CNG fuel
    For Example 4A-GE
    4 - 4th Generation Engine in the Engine Family.
    A - The Engine Family it is in.
    G - Wide-angle dual Camshaft.
    E - The engine uses Electronic Fuel Injection.
    ...... butt scratcher?!

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    Default Re: Toyota Engine Codes Explained

    Woo Thread revival !
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