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Thread: toymods beaut!

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    Thumbs up toymods beaut!

    Just a shout out to kirsty and everybody that has their hands in making this forum run.

    I just read the thead in which a few people are having a whinge about applications and rar rar id just like to throw it the other way and give u guys a big kudos for making this happen and taking the time needed to keep these forums a great place to talk toyotas. cheers for keeping the majority of the ass clowns out and cheers for being so dedicated to a task that is purely volentary despite all the preassure that is being applied from forum members and forum members to be. It may seem to u guys that your work is taken for granted..but atleast by me its very much appreciated.

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    wow....only one toyota now, at one point i owned 6....whats happened to me :S

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    Default Re: toymods beaut!

    I also share said appreciation for the work done to keep this forum running.

    I also am sincerely grateful that they let the odd ass-clown through the door or I'd be a read-only toyota lover.

    Thanks guys!
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    They cash in the empty can of whoopass they received in SA and receive 10c's per punch...
    They have to accrew enough for nose reconstructions as well as feeding his mime family. The dont talk much so they never need much water for their dry mouths.

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