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Thread: Toyota's Interchangable Oddities.... (TIO#)

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    Default Re: Toyota's Interchangable Oddities.... (TIO#)

    Not sure if this has been mentioned before, It seems that its a common problem for people with 2T or 3T engines to have issues with the direction that the thermostat housing faces, i also have the problem with my 18RG. the mentioned motors all use the same thermostat gasket and therefore the thermo housings are interchangeable, there are 3 housings that came to my attention. The wo33 and wo87 (18r) will face forward on a 2tg instead of off to the passenger side as the wo88 does, the wo88 (3T) could be useful aswell to change the angle/shape of the top hose for an 18RG
    that said there are quite a few cars that aren't toyota that use the ttg4 thermostat gasket, thermostat housings from these vehicles could also possibly work

    Cheers, Peter
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    The alternator from a mid 90's 4cyl 5SFE Camry (SXV10, SDV10, SXV20R) is a direct bolt in replacement for the 4AGE silvertop. Just make sure the plugs match (early 90's used a round plug, later 90's used an oval plug).

    An OEX alternator from Ashdown Ingram with part number DXA4013 (12v, 80Amp) was a drop in replacement for my 95 facelift AE101 GT-Apex Levin.

    Apparently, well according to the catalogue, it also suits the 3S-FE, 3S-FC, 2S-E and the 1S engines.

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    Default Re: Toyota's Interchangable Oddities.... (TIO#)

    TIO#40382 - SXV10 Camry combination switch (plug ID M89) fits AE101/AE102 sedan (plug ID M60) with no modifications past removing a single clip-on plastic conduit cover (to allow the column clamshell to go back on) and swapping the 3-pin indicator cancel collar of the Camry for the 2-pin Corolla one (this literally just slides off). Bolt pattern, plug, pinout, stalk angle are all identical.

    Why bother you say? This allows the variable-intermittent as well as mist and auto-wipe-when-spraying features of the Camry that did not come on the Corolla (the top-spec Ultima sedan did have variables but they are rarer than rocking-horse shit at wreckers)

    Bad news is that this obviously wouldn't work for the hatches (which have the additional rear wiper) but I wouldn't be surprised if the relevant Camry wagon combi switch could be used instead.

    As an aside, I did not have to swap out the 3-pin cancelling collar as it perfectly matched my OEM Momo steering wheel boss, conveniently fixing the issue I have suffered for a while where the RH indicator cannot be turned on when the steering wheel is dead straight or turned slightly left (it also cancelled really early which made indicating right at roundabouts really annoying)
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    Default Re: Toyota's Interchangable Oddities.... (TIO#)

    Dumba$$ question...

    Need an St185 lower timing cover and cant get hold of one on the cheeeeep... anywhere. Any of you guys know any interchangeable oddity shizzle that will fit? St182? MR2 Rev? 5sfe?

    While im at it, St205 front sway bar upgrade anyone????

    Sorry for bein off topic, bored on holiday and this threads made my week! Everydays a skool day : )

    Cheers boys!

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    Default Re: Toyota's Interchangable Oddities.... (TIO#)

    Anyone know how different the VZ and MZ cylinder heads are for bores spacings
    eg. 5vz-fe or 3vz-fe vs 3mz-fe?

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    Default Re: Toyota's Interchangable Oddities.... (TIO#)

    The centre point throttle body from an EA Falcon, Is almost a straight bolt on carburettor replacement to an 18r or 18rc engine. You will have to cut the isolator spacer and make a custom gasket, Also couple of large washers on 2 of the bolts. The throttle cable also snaps straight on the linkage.
    Why would you do such a stupid thing? Well, I had a megasquirt ECU lying around, the carb on my Hilux was stuffed and now it goes like a rocket. A bit of fun if you want to fuel inject a boat anchor.


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