The missus has been whinging about the long gear-throw of her AE93 SX seca, so i decided I'd do something about it.... cos i hate whinging.

Now this one was surprisingly pretty simple, and is something I feel is often overlooked by you Corolla folk.....

Teh Cheap AE92 Quickshiftah

Get ye to your local self serve wreckers. Pick'n'payless is my no.1 choice

Find an AE101/AE102 manual, and reef out the gearstick selector assembly.

Go home, and pull the selector assembly from your AE92...

you should now have two sets of parts like this. Note the extra length of the AE101 shifter arms here!!

Take the spring and the little side pivot arm off the AE92 shifter, we will be using this one!

Assemble, using the two AE101 parts shown above, as well as the side pivot arm and spring form your AE92.

NOTE: You will have to space up the side pivot arm about 6-8mm, otherwise the side cable will catch on the floor.
You can see here that I did this using a couple of nuts as spacers.

NOTE: You also need to take note of how the little spring thingy goes back on, otherwise the stick won't centre itself very well/at all.

And here's the whole thing assembled.... and finished: