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Thread: Forum Rules! Please Read!

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    Exclamation Forum Rules! Please Read!

    The Toymods Board reserves the right to edit, lock or delete any thread or post that conflicts with these rules or is against the interests of the Car Club.

    - This is a private forum run by the Toymods Car Club Board and membership is at their discretion.

    - Users are only allowed one username.

    - No Animated gifs or offensive pictures are allowed as avatars or usernames that may offend.

    - Personal attacks are not permitted.

    - Posts that are rude, offensive, insulting, slanderous or encouraging illegal activities are not permitted.

    - Political, Religious, Racist or Sexist comments or threads are not permitted.

    - No pornographic content or links are permitted.

    - Ensure you post threads in the appropriate section and that you do not post the same thread more than once. Threads in inappropriate sections will be moved or deleted.

    - Ensure you read the section rules in yellow at the top of each section (or that are made sticky)

    - Posts should be constructive and on-topic for that thread

    - ALL for Sale or Wanted posts MUST be placed in the classifieds ONLY.

    - Links to online Auctions or other Sales sites Are ONLY permitted in the Classifieds in the Correct section and the item in question must be owned by the thread poster!

    - If a member posts such comments or threads their membership may be revoked.

    - If you are moderated and you wish to discuss it then e-mail a moderator or email the board at [email protected]

    If you have concerns about any posts or threads then e-mail a moderator, select the 'Report message to a Moderator' option or email the board at [email protected]

    The Toymods Board reserves the right to modify these rules when necessary.


    Disclaimer: All posts are the property and responsibility of the poster, the forum moderators and administrators have no obligation to monitor any posts, however Toymods reserves the right to edit, refuse to post or to remove any information and/or materials (in whole or in part) that in its discretion considers objectionable or in violation of any applicable law or the Conditions of Use


    Before posting any questions about how the forums work, please take the time to read the FAQ.

    I have made it even easier for you to find, just click below.
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