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Thread: coil pack terminals... +ve & -ve?

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    Default coil pack terminals... +ve & -ve?

    im wiring up my ecu for my 4agte and i have gze coilpacks. im using a microtech. can any one tell me which is the positive and negative terminal? and also if anyone has the clips too i need some

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    Default Re: coil pack terminals... +ve & -ve?

    Its in the microtech booklet. If you dont have it you can download it from microtech here:

    Its also here directly:

    In my book it says:


    I got my plugs from the wreckers. I think from some sort of camry ignitor or coil. If you have one or know what they look, Even take your coil to the wreckers and find a plug to suit. Just dont show the coil when u walk out or they might charge you for it.
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