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    Default Toymods Sponsorship

    There are two basic levels of Toymods Sponsorship.

    Club Sponsor

    Becoming a Toymods Club sponsor is easy and Free.

    A business wishing to provide a discount to toymods club members can be listed on the sponsors page of the Toymods Car Club. If you are a business that would like to offer there sevices to Toymods or you know of a business that would, please email the Toymods board on [email protected] and put "Attn: Rod - Toymods Sponsorship" in the subject line.
    Please provide an outline the company details, what you are selling or what service you are offering and what level of discount you will provide Toymods members.

    Club Sponsors are NOT allowed to promote their business on the club forums.

    Forum Sponsor

    Forum sponsorship exists to offset the increasing costs associated with the Toymods website/forum and is only available to approved businesses that the Toymods Board feels will be in the best interests of its club members.

    As a Forum Sponsor you receive:
    # A banner ad that is in a constant rotation on the top of the Toymods Forums. This banner ad can be linked to your company web site or an email address of your choosing. The current requested size for banner ads is 728 x 90 and can be a jpg or animated gif. Your Banner artwork must be supplied.

    # Each forum sponsor also receives their own vendor section in the Sponsorship section of the Toymods Forums. Within this section a Forum sponsor can post as many items or threads as they see fit.

    # A Forum Sponsor also gets listed on the Toymods Sponsors page and in the Sponsors section of the back of the Toymods Newsletter.

    If you think your business could benfit from the exposure of the Toymods Forum then please email the Toymods board on [email protected] and put "Attn: Rod - Toymods Sponsorship" in the subject line.

    Please note: The number of Banner ad spaces available is reviewed periodically in line with the growth of the Toymods forums.


    Accounts details for Direct Deposit are as follows:

    The account name is: Toymods Car Club Fundraising
    BSB Number: 082135
    Account Number: 545161955

    Do NOT send payment prior to sponsorship arrangements being established.
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    Default Re: Toymods Sponsorship

    Hello i need to contact a Toymods board member about a TAX invoice for Forum Sponsorship as we need one soon...

    Sean Basford

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    Default Re: Toymods Sponsorship


    I know one has been done for you, as I was there when it was done, So it shouldn't be too far away.

    Beige.... The new Black!!!

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