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Thread: 4AGZE pulley upgrades

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    Default 4AGZE pulley upgrades

    Hi all, i've got a mate with a 4AGZE engine, it is originally the AFM version but now running aftermarket ecu so on a MAP setup.

    Anyhows.. He wants a bit more boost out of it, around 12psi or so. Doesn't want to go too high that would require larger injectors etc. Just a few more psi.

    We have been looking around for different options but haven't found a great deal.

    One of the requirements is to retain a clutch setup on the SC.

    I've seen a Nevo oversized crank pulley that would do the job. But then the alternator and water pump will be spinning quicker, is that a problem?
    Also i'm not sure about putting a different crank pulley on that is solid and has no harmonic damper properties like the factory one?

    Overwise there was a mob over in the US that were making a custom SC pulley with clutch that is smaller than standard. This seemed really good as wouldn't upset the alternator or water pump, and no harmonic issues with different crank pulleys.
    The only downside with this is the company it is coming from, well doesn't seem much of a company at all. Bit concerned about supplying them CC details and if the product would ever arrive.

    Is there any other options around that I am missing? Any info / links etc would be great.

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    Default Re: 4AGZE pulley upgrades

    i have a mate with a GZE, thats running the largest nevo kit available. 175mm. along with 2.5 inch exhaust, large front mount and air intake, it makes 13psi on standard ECU and injectors. the thing hauls!

    in the 2 years its been fitted, there has NEVER been a problem with the engine. not one. standard oil changes and servicing, thats it.

    i would strongly suggest that you get these mods! makes the car go so much better, and with your ECU there will be even better gains to be had with tuning.

    On a side note, i had one made (175mm). it retained the centre of the balancer but the belt pulley was made larger. cost me $160
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    Default Re: 4AGZE pulley upgrades

    I too have had no problems with my SC12 and the Nevo 175mm. Ive had it installed for two years now.

    I beleive this is the mob you are referring to. However I think they have stopped production.

    There could be another mob making the pulleys however i dont know you will have to google it or check on

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