As of January 2019, the Toymods Car Club will not approve any HVS/CVS application unless the Toymods Car Club "Club Plate Registration Form" is filled out accurately and completely. This includes ticking the relevant boxes at the bottom to state you have read and understood the terms and conditions.

There is now a lot more scrutiny by the CMC and the RMS regarding HVS (Historic Vehicle Scheme) and CVS (Classic Vehicle Scheme) vehicles, to ensure they meet the necessary criteria for their relevant scheme.

An important and necessary part of the process is for the car clubs to maintain a database of the vehicles they have approved for HVS/CVS plates. If requested the Club must be able to provide a current and accurate list of vehicles it has approved for CVS/HVS to the relevant authorities.

Toymods gets this information from the "Toymods Car Club Plate Registration Form", and here is the link for this form....

The Toymods Car Club strongly suggests you ensure this form is completed with the same diligence you apply to the RMS forms, and have it filled out prior to the meeting.

For new registrations, where the relevant H or D plates have not been issued, Toymods requires the owner to email their plate details to [email protected] within a week of being approved by Toymods, or the vehicle will be deemed unregistered and not a participant of the Club's plate schemes.