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Thread: 1985 4K-J Recommended Oil?

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    Default Re: 1985 4K-J Recommended Oil?

    we are an aussie forum, surely we aussies dont see temps as low as those required for a safe 10 w startup.
    id say 20 w min.
    again, im talking for old corollas, for anyone who wants to change the subject again to fords or holdens to suit their argument.

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    Cool Re: 1985 4K-J Recommended Oil?

    Ahhh.... I must have missed this...

    I have an old Corolla and I run 10W-40 semi-synthetic all year round. Once the engine is up to temperature (assuming the cooling system is in good condition and the thermostat is functioning correctly), the oil does not know what the weather is like outside The only thing that really matters is that (when at operating temperature) the oil has the correct viscosity for the engine.

    If I lived in a country like Canada where the temperature drops well below zero, I would probably change the grade of oil at the same time as I fitted my snow tires... that or install a sump heater. In a hot (equatorial) country I would most likely only change the grade of oil if I was working the engine hard by towing or driving across the Sahara off road

    Cheers... jondee86

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