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Thread: V8 hilux conversion

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    Default V8 hilux conversion

    Hey guys
    I'm looking at converting my 98 ln167 hilux from the 5l diesel to eather a 1uz or holden 304 v8. Was just wondering what problems I may run into, what's the cheapest conversion out of the two engines, who, where or if they do a full kit including wiring harness, mounts, adapters etc. who owns one, fuel economy, reliability and so on. just looking for any helpful info really. If I go ahead and do the conversion, I will be doing it all myself from start to finish. I've always wanted to do this conversion mainly because I've always loved hilux's and v8's so why not put the two together. I'm not wanting it to go and drop skids or thrash it, mainly for the extra power and torque for when ever you need it. Any feed back would be much appreciated. Good or bad.


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    Default Re: V8 hilux conversion

    The 1GR 4 litre V6 out of the prado and later hilux makes a good conversion too. They get some good power out of them.

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    Default Re: V8 hilux conversion
    This guy is good, have delt with Hume before

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    Default Re: V8 hilux conversion

    by time u finish everything it will prob cost u between 5 to 10 g depending how much u can do
    1uz is ok but low on torque
    5lt holden is old but will go a bit better than 1uz
    if u r running a manual gbox then the 1uz will be abit better as they are sluggish with factory auto
    loom ain that hard ive done afew for thos models and can make most of it plug in

    fuel economy will be around 350 to 450 km per tank depending on diff ratio and if auto or manual

    u could even fit the diesel from late model hilux but they are still pricey to get

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