# All Group Buys Must be approved by the Board. For Discussion on any area please contact Rod Try and/or River.

# All Group Buys are discussed at the monthly Board meetings which are held on the Tuesday before the monthly Club meeting. As such delays may be encountered in gaining approval.

# The Items for sale must not conflict with any items available from Forum Sponsors.

# The Group Buy organiser must not make any Finacial gain from the sale of the listed items other than the benefit of purchasing the items involved at the Group buy acheived bulk purchase price.

# The total Group Buy quantity must equal the total quantity sold on the Toymods forums. (Note: The quantity of items in the group buy does not have to be specified in advance.)

# For a group buy to be considered there must be some advantage to the Toymods Purchaser such as a discount on the normally availble price or access to parts otherwise not realistically available.

# Group Buys can only be run by Financial Club Members and Forum Sponsors

# Group Buys can only be started in the Group Buy section of the classifieds (Note these threads are moderated prior to releasing, approval by the board still applies.)