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Thread: Historic Rego During the Covid19 Pandemic

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    Default Historic Rego During the Covid19 Pandemic

    Toymods Club Rego Update !

    There will be NO NEW CLUB REGISTRATION APPROVALS during the Covid19 pandemic as we need to be able to adequately inspect your vehicle for compliance with the club rego scheme.


    We will be tackling Club Rego renewals during Covid19 restictions in a similar fashion to how we usually do, but from a distance. We usually do your vehicle paperwork and inspections at the Monthly Club meetings, with the bans in place we cannot conduct these in person so have established a process to do them from a distance.

    River will be looking after all the HVS renewals, I will be doing all the CVS renewals.

    please read everything below and pay attention.

    Step 1.
    Send an email to [email protected] with the subject line - Attn: CLUB REGO RENEWAL PICS
    In your email include photos of all 4 sides of your vehicle, under the bonnet and an interior shot, Pics from your potato of an Iphone are fine.
    AND a copy of the Paypal receipt for Payment of your club Admin Fee ($10 for Historic Rego - $20 for Conditional Rego)
    Reminder - Toymods paypal account email address is [email protected]

    Step 2.
    Organise all your usual paperwork !
    Pink Slip
    Toymods Form - COMPLETED
    Completed RMS renewal Form for us to Stamp for you

    Step 3.
    POST a COPY of your pink slip and the completed 2 forms to:

    Toymods Car Club
    PO Box 86
    Baulkham Hills NSW 1755

    INCLUDE A STAMPED SELF ADDRESSED ENVELOPE So we can post the forms back to you.

    Step 4.

    IF you forget a form, don't complete them or forget the stamped self addressed envelope we will not be able to complete your renewal !

    We will only be checking the PO Box ONCE A MONTH - Yep, the day of the Schedulled Monthly meeting we will go and check the PO Box. (In April we will check it once or twice more due to the late notice of this new process)

    Step 5.
    If you have Historic Rego - Go to the RMS and do the do.
    If you have Conditional Rego you post your completed forms to the CMC and pay them the CMC $30 Admin Fee as per normal.
    If you have lost the CMC bank details message me on Facebook.

    We are all effected by the NSW travel ban and social distancing practices during this Pandemic - Any questions are process as usual - Email [email protected] or Facebook message me.


    Club Rego:


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