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Thread: HELP Engine Swap .... 1G-FE (non-vvti, non-turbo) -> 1JZ-GE (non vvti, non-turbo)

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    Cool HELP Engine Swap .... 1G-FE (non-vvti, non-turbo) -> 1JZ-GE (non vvti, non-turbo)

    Good day folks

    I am in possession of both engines. Both are non-vvti and are both non-turbo!

    I would like to do a smooth conversion, which is swapping out my 1g-fe non-vvti for a 1jz-ge non-turbo, non-vvti

    The 1g-fe is currently in the car (though using an auto tranny which uses the 3 wire speed sensor but engine loom has the connector for the two-wire speed sensor)
    the 1jz-ge has a tranny bolted to it that uses the 3 wire sensor as well and loom connects to it.
    Will this be a problem getting it to work with my speedometer cluster???

    What wiring issues will I bee looking at??
    I cannot find any wiring diagram for both non-vvti, non-turbo engines (isn't there any love for them?)

    Can I use the tranny bolted to my 1g-fe with the 1jz-ge (by changing the bell housing of course)?
    Guy I got the jz engine from said the tranny has no power whatsoever going up hill but has but runs fairly fine on flat surfaces and has lots of power where the shifter is put in "L" (low gear)

    What parts are interchangeable between the 1jz-ge non-vvti and the 1jz-gte/1jz-ge vvti

    Some specifics

    My current chassis is the GX100 (1998 late model, before the slight redesign n use of the 1g-fe vvti engine upgrades), seems to be the original engine that came with the car as well
    Transmission currently in my car is from a GX90 chassis (hence the 3 wire speed sensor), which is the 4 speed tranny, (not sure if its the A42DE or A43D tranny, or even the A340E... but i'm guessing any of em can b used with the JZ engine by changing the bell housing)
    Not sure what diff im running, I just see a sticker that says "use LSD oil only"



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