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Thread: Ta22 ignition barrel

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    Unhappy Ta22 ignition barrel

    Hi all,
    have a 1974 Ta22.
    Had a low life attempt to steal it, destroying door lock and then ign via screwdriver attack.
    Bought new set from supplier (Nice Products item NID112B) guaranteed to fit all Celica's between 72- 76... but of course doesn't.
    Issue is that the top bridge where the push release button is; is to high (probably a mm), but otherwise appears it might fit.
    Didn't particularly wont to gentle it in via a sledgehammer (LOL) in case the mounting collar breaks.
    Filing the excess away might be possible but surely this isn't what every one needs to do?
    So... I'm doing something wrong?
    No troubles with company, they'll swap/ refund etc but state they have never heard of any issues before and should fit easy as. Probably no use swapping (unlikely new one will be any better), wont chase refund yet as I need one to use car.
    A lock smith tried swapping mechanisms between the new and old barrel casing but wasn't viable or sturdy in the old casing.
    So... what the hell can I do?
    Second hand ones (rare down here) seem to be all sloppy, being able to remove key while ign is on.
    Cant believe that I'm the only one to ever experience this, maybe some one out there has some suggestions or experience in this.
    Every suggestion greatly appreciated. Regards
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    Default Re: Ta22 ignition barrel

    I can't be of great help and I had the same problem (possibly a different supplier, but from e-bay) and sent it back.
    Try contacting David at SleekaSpares (SA). If he has one he wouldn't sell you a dud, based on my experience with him. Chances are there might not a key with it but a locksmith can sort that out.

    If $'s aren't a problem here is a link to ToyheadAuto (USA) a respected parts supplier.

    Scroll down to and click on:
    Lock Set, Door and Ignition 3 Piece Matching Set (this will open a picture of items)
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    Default Re: Ta22 ignition barrel

    Thanks mate
    Familiar with SleekaSpares and have contacted them, but couldn't suggest anything or supply good second hand part.
    Will definitely try your web-link and see what can be done. As far as cost is concerned, without ignition I just have an expensive lawn ornament.
    Again thanks... and if anyone else out there has some experience re this or other suggestions please let me know.

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    Default Re: Ta22 ignition barrel

    Just an update for any other people in this predicament.
    The saga is no way resolved but at least I've learnt a lesson.
    The part I purchased off ebay ONLY suits later models and is physically incompatible from the Ta22 ign barrel collar. Don't believe anything different they tell you.
    The supplier in USA (pointed out by SteveH) has provided pics of his AND is same as the Ta22 one needed.
    Will get one as soon as he has more stock.
    Bought a second hand one from interstate (sent via Sendle with tracking); but seems to have gotten lost in delivery (local courier) so far.
    Problem is, they dont know who the local courier is... sucks hey?
    The rain/ storm clouds have gathered but it isn't biblical and sure all things will improve BUT... so much time wasted with wrong part.

    For those interested the Ta is a 1974 first generation body (update), black; with a Nissan fuel injected 2L and auto (electric 4th o/d).
    Fits and looks like factory and uses 80% stock Ta parts.
    Why? Gives good hp and great torque, light, very in-expensive build, and can get a bolt-in replacement from wrecking yard.
    The wiring loom was spliced into the original.
    The whole car can be turned back into stock probably over a busy long w/e.
    Some people will think that bastardization... but I wont criticize yours if you don't mine... and is actually great on the road; sporty underfoot with great balance and basically a ferret on steroids.

    Cars are cool... better than bowls, Bingo or Men's shed.
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