Hi all,

Question for FWD gearbox gurus. I'm looking at building a closer ratio gearbox for potential rally car using a c60 or 64 6 speed.

Can't find and will probably be too expensive for a TRD or KAAZ gear set so looking to use standard 1st and 2nd, getting a custom 3rd gear made, and using gears from other toyota boxes (if economical new) for 4th and 5th if possible. I'm not bothering to change 6th.

Are any of the gears interchangeable between C5x and C6x boxes, particularly using a 3rd gear (1.233) from a C51/57/58 box as 4th in a C64, and 4th gear (1.031) from a C54/C56 as 5th (in C64)?

Its a long shot but thought id check before getting 3(pair) of custom gears made.

Any advice appreciated.