I have a good condition AFM from a 86 1g gte with part number 22250-70170. My 3rd gen 1g gte uses 22250-70200 which is obviously a newer number. Seems like there is no difference on the housing itself, and I measure the resistances across terminals and compared them, both are very close with each other. However, the air bypass screw depth seems to be differently adjusted. Measured from the top of the screw housing to the screw head, the 86 AFM has a distance of 19.5mm and the 89 AFM is 17mm. The 89 model has bigger air bypass opening. This is of course assuming that this bypass screw was never tampered with on both units. So my questions :
1. Since resistance values are the same, and assuming the air bypass screw wasnt tampered with, would backing out the bypass screw on the 86 AFM to 17mm depth allow me to use it in my 89 1g gte ?
2. Anyone knows the factory spec depth for 2nd gen vs 3rd gen AFM ?
3. If i just plugged in the older AFM on the 3rd gen 1g gte, would there be any adverse effects (running lean/rich or rough)

Thanks in advance.