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Thread: mx83 tacho dropping out

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    Default mx83 tacho dropping out

    having a problem with my mx83 (1992 Grande) with 1JZ-GTE in that the tacho arrives at 3000rpm then decides that is far enough and falls to zero and starts the process again!

    car has a vipec V88 and six works tacho booster also has power train conversions computer driving the auto.
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    Default Re: mx83 tacho dropping out

    i have a similar problem in my rt142 with the adaptronic running the tacho, i have yet to try to fix it sorry haha. but i only have a 12v relay coil as the booster, im going to try a a few other brands and or voltages relay coils (hopefully they have differnet number of ohms/turns in the coil or whatever) the to see if that makes a difference, i have been slack so far and havent tried anything but haha

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