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Thread: swapping 20v from AE82 to AE92.

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    Default swapping 20v from AE82 to AE92.

    hi guys im new to the forum and have owned several corolla's over the years.

    I currently have a ae92 seca sx that im going to be doing a conversion on in the next few weeks. I have bought a ae82 with a silver top 20v already fiited and running and will be changing the motor over into the ae92.

    I have done a search but there does not seem to be alot of info regarding wiring mods.

    I know the motor itself will bolt in but what will i have to do with the wiring??
    Is it a matter of putting the loom and ecu that are in the 82 into the 92?
    What about the dash wiring? does this need to be modified.
    Any help would be great as cant wait to get that 20v reving hard.....

    Thanks in advance,

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    Default Re: swapping 20v from AE82 to AE92.

    this is more a tech question rather then a conversion buildup/how to isnt it?
    you tried searching on the old forums? just did a quick search on ae82 ae92 eiring has a few threads which i looked at a few quickly and should be similar to the 100kw coinversion, with a few differenceswiring

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