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Thread: JZS171 Crown - Installing Electro Multi Vision (EMV)

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    Default JZS171 Crown - Installing Electro Multi Vision (EMV)

    If your crown came from the motherland with the poverty pack, non-EMV Aircon / Audio Control panel and you would like to upgrade to the touchscreen, read on.

    This will walk you through the process to go from the non-EMV unit on the left to the EMV unit on the right:

    So, first up remove the non-EMV unit from the car.

    Lift up the centre console trim piece (4 clips), remove the four electrical plugs and place the trim piece to the side.

    Pop out the stereo fascia (4 clips).

    Remove the two bolts holding the non-emv unit in that are accessed from below.

    Now reach behind the unit and pop it out towards youself.

    Disconnect the two electrical plugs.

    Now, hopefully your replacement touchscreen EMV unit came with the plugs, if not you'll need to find them somehow.

    You need to de-pin the wires from the non-EMV plugs and pin them into the Touchscreen EMV unit plugs as follows:

    Alternatively you can cut and solder - Just make sure the wires from the 5 and 10 pin plugs end up in the right places in the 8 and 14 pin plugs.

    Now install the Touchscreen EMV unit in the reverse order of the removal and you should be good to go.

    Hope this helps someone - Ben

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    Default Re: JZS171 Crown - Installing Electro Multi Vision (EMV)

    Hey mate. Thanks
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