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Thread: 4AG Blue-top Build Advice

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    Default 4AG Blue-top Build Advice

    Hi people... I need some advice on my rebuild. I did google and search here but could find right ideas..
    I got 4age early blue top in my car looking for rebuilt it.

    I also have

    HKS 272 cams with 8.1mm lift (used)
    Wiseco forge pistons 81.5 bore with 10.17:1-11.09:1 comp (used)
    Using stock rods (18mm) and crank (40mm)
    Fully ITB setup
    Adaptronic ECU with COP setup.
    Car will be daily drive.

    Want to know few thigs….
    1) What sort of head work should I get? OEM size valves and springs?
    2) Can I run TRD .8 head gasket with above pistons on 98 ron safely?
    3) Cam card says maximum RPM rang is 8800. Is it safe to take bottom end up to that range?

    Yes I read Bill Sherwood articles;


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    Default Re: 4AG Blue-top Build Advice

    I would shot for the higher end of your range for the compression ratio with a 272 cams. The stock big port rods are the lightest in the 4AGE family. You should consider after market rods, or at a min, polished and shoot peen rods. The intake ports would only need a light clean up and bowl plus seat work. The exhaust side would need the same plus opening the port another 3mm. The only save way to check valve to piston clearance is a pre-assembly using clay. Assuming the crank clearances and new bearings are good, plus you verify the oil pump clearance and oil port alignments, the stock crank should live with upper 8000 range RPM. You did not mention if using a header, but you should look at a min 2" Dia. and 2 1/4" exhaust system would be much better with your set-up. Davew7

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    Default Re: 4AG Blue-top Build Advice

    Excellent advice right there. The bearing clearances are pretty important especially when looking at the higher rpm and compression. In conjunction with that is the oil supply. I strongly suggest checking which pump you have. The early ones do fail esp when pushed into the higher end of the rpm. Bearings fail pretty quick up there.

    I religiously check my oil filter every rave meeting. And found bearing material, an oil pump failure, its not just the early ones that fail. This was a late model one after 3 seasons of racing in an engine very similar to your specs. 151 rwhp, 8800 rpm.

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    Default Re: 4AG Blue-top Build Advice

    thnx for tips davew7...

    Noddy, that sucks man...
    i send u message as well..

    i think i got early model oil pump. i will get new pump form Sam -Q (may be with Toda gears) depends on cost ....

    pistons and cams came from engine only done 70,000ks (form very good mate of mine free of charge).
    thats y i want to use them ... if i get 100kw small block then won't be able to use these pistons.
    couldn't find 18mm rods anymore (brand new) unless custom made that will cost heaps.

    with your guys information and my research ... i think 272 cams for daily drive bit of a overkill . if i can find mild cams for good price it might be way better...
    lets c ....

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