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Thread: Gearbox rebuild AE-92 AGZE

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    Default Gearbox rebuild AE-92 AGZE

    I have an Aussie AW11 with an AE-92 AGZE engine and gearbox. I have been quoted $1000 if I supply the parts.

    I look up the part here and get part number 04331-12091

    I go to and cant get it to match my car.

    $1000 labor seems steep. I am going to get another quote but I will still have to supply parts I think.

    Is there a kit I can get to make this simpler? I am in Sydney. Any recommended gearbox shops?


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    Default Re: Gearbox rebuild AE-92 AGZE

    $100 labour seems right.
    Bit of a job separating the E-series gear box.
    4AFE/gearbox issues, 4AGT/ZE replacement changes to fully blown 7AGTE project...
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