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Thread: R154 2JZ-GTE VVTi JZS171 Crown Estate

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    Default R154 2JZ-GTE VVTi JZS171 Crown Estate

    Just some info on the Manual Conversion

    It's relatively straightforward, same floorplan and firewall as the JZX110 so manual bits are readily available, still took me ages to do though few hours here and there.

    JZX100 box with 110 shift housing and lever. Offset the lever ~50mm 45 degrees to the rear right to line up with the auto shift hole in the trim panel.

    JZX100 handbrake setup. (Pic stolen from somewhere)

    JZX110 manual trans tunnel cover spot welded in.

    TRC ECU loom extended ~ 6 inches to mount further back -Inline switch placed on the red wire to disable TRC / VSC.

    JZX110 rubber boots

    JZS171 tailshaft front half extended by 50mm for a total of 850mm
    JZX110 clutch pedal. Top mount hole offset ~25mm to the left.
    JZX110 / IS200 master Cylinder - firewall has the mounting provision, just need to drill the three holes.
    JZX110 clutch hard-line.

    Not the most elegant solution but I stripped all the sensors and solenoids out of the auto gearbox and popped them in a little box to avoid all the engine trouble codes.

    At some stage I still need to sort out a solution for the speed signal. Thinking about pressing the original 12 tooth wheel from the A340 onto the tailshaft.

    With the 2J in there now I had to swap to an IS300 Brake Booster due to clearance issues with the rear compressor inlet.

    Also searching for a cheap JZA80 clutch Master cylinder as the outlet port is on the right hand side.
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